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Sebastian Fillenberg


Sebastian is a Munich-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. 

Classically trained from the age of five, alumni of Berklee College of music Boston and University of music and performing arts Munich Sebastian has developed a wide stylistic background with an expertise in unusual artistic approaches. His music can be heard in numerous projects covering a variety of media formats such as feature films, documentaries, TV series, and video games.

Sebastian´s credits include the Award-winning drama Wir waren Könige (The Kings´Surrender), Die defekte Katze (Dysfunctional Cat), the LOLA winning Das Ende der Wahrheit (Blame Game), the Student-Academy nominated documentary Haeberli  and the international 5-part SKY Series  Inside Greenpeace.

Sebastian´s most recent credits include the feature film Der Buchspazierer, the documentary God´s other Plan and the multimedia installation Capturing Nowness. 

His music was awarded the German Documentary Music Award (Schnee) and nominated for the German Film Music Award (Wir waren Könige).

His Scores have been performed by Budapest Art Orchestra, Film Orchestra Babelsberg, Munich Radio Symphony Orchestra and Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra among others.

Visit  IMDB   for a full list of his credits.

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